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4th Quarter 2017

11th December 1967

That was fifty years ago. At Toulouse Blagnac. On the 11th December.

The Concorde 001, F-WTSS, was presented to the press and various aeronautical personalities : 1,200 guests. The prototype that left her shelter did not yet have her engines. On this occasion, the designation "Concorde" is definitely adopted by the British. Tony Benn, British Minister of Technology, said : "The British Concord will now be written with an 'e' as this letter also means Excellence, England, Europe and Entente."

On the 19th of September 1968, it was the turn of the first British plane, 002, G-BSST, to leave her assembly lines of Bristol Filton.

What hopes had France and Great Britain placed in this plane !

After the demonstration flights of the British prototype in the Middle East and the Far East in June 1972, 16 airlines companies had booked their copies ; a total of 74 aircrafts and 16 options.

However, following the renunciation of the development of the Boeing 2707 on the 20th of May 1971, then in 1973, of the first oil shock and of the Tupolev TU-144 accident at the Paris Air Show of Le Bourget, only the airlines companies Air France and British Airways remained purchasers ...

All the innovations necessary to fly this aircraft are found today on most modern airplanes : carbon brakes, electric controls, rebalancing of masses, ...


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For french speaking visitors :
On behalf of AIACC Club-Concorde, Jean-François BÔ spoke,
on the 21st of January 2016 , on "Radio Nostalgie" about the 40th anniversary of the first commercial flight of Concorde.

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