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May 2021

Between mid-April and May 5, 2001, the Concorde F-BTSD was sent to Istres to test a new tire developed as part of the supersonic refit program.

The NZG tire for Near Zero Growth was developed by the French company Michelin at the request of EADS, which wanted, for the Concorde main gear, to meet two essential criteria:


The tire must roll over a typical obstacle without loss of pressure or projection of debris. Two types of obstacle are imposed: a blade 30 mm high and a rod 3/4 "in diameter and 30 mm high.


The tire damaged in this way must demonstrate that it has retained sufficient structural strength to undergo various test cycles without loss of pressure or projection of debris.

The Michelin NZG tire perfectly meets the technical criteria requested by EADS.

Cut of a Michelin radial tire.
(Michelin document)

Concorde main gear equipped with NZG.Michelin
Photo : Bernard Charles.

Detail of the day and time of fitting the NZG tire.
Photo : Bernard Charles.

Cover made for the return flight, May 5, 2001.
Collection :Thierry B.

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