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1st Term 2017

The final journey of Alpha Foxtrot

First quarter 2017

British Airways Concorde Alpha Foxtrot, also known as 216, was the last ever Concorde built in 1978 and made hers maiden flight on April 20, 1979 from Filton.

The supersonic was registred G-BOAF on June 9 1980 with British Airways and landed on her last flight on November 26, 2003, the last ever flight of a Concorde, from London Heathrow to Filton where crowds had gathered, after heading round the Bay of Biscay and low passing over the Clifton Suspension Bridge. Alpha Foxtrot had flown a total of 18,257 hours by the time she completed hers final flight, made 6,045 takeoffs and landings and had gone supersonic 5,639 times.

Since this time she remained for more than 13 years, next to the runway and exposed to the elements, and received extensive care by Airbus UK.

For several years, the project of creation of a new museum with the exhibits spanning more than one century of aeronautical history in Bristol was discussed.

The site will include two First World War refurbished hangars and a third one built specifically for Concorde.

This project is now a reality ; On February 7, 2017, Alpha-Foxtrot was towed across Filton runway at very low speeds  and up a ramp into the new built hangar and the move was conducted by British Airways and Airbus engineers. Concorde was carefully winched into his hangar because there is less than one meter between each wing tip and the walls of the building.

The museum, called Aerospace Bristol, will officially open up this summer.

The Chairman of the new museum said "With such enthusiasm for Concorde in this country, and particularly in Bristol where she was designed, built and landed for the final time, it is only fitting that this magnificent aircraft should have a permanent home at Filton."

Image Aerospace Bristol

Image Aerospace Bristol


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