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April 2021

The first quarter of 2021 unfortunately reserved a lot of bad news for us with the close disappearances of Pierre Bolliet, Concorde test pilot, died on January 4, René Duguet (Concorde First Officer), deceased on February 18, Albert Leblanc "Alberto" (first steward at Air France company), died on February 20 and Ugo Venchiarutti "Totor" (Concorde First Officer), died on March 11 2021. Let’s hope that the second quarter that begins brings us better news from the planet Concorde…

Covers transported aboard F-WTSS, in which Pierre Bolliet and Ugo Venchiarutti participated.

Document transported aboard F-BVFA, made for René Duguet’s last supersonic flight.

The "Club Concorde" recalls to its impassioned philately that, from now on, the innovations are announced and illustrated progressively with their emission, in the page ' the philatelic products'. It is thus in real time that the Club informs you of the philatelic items

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